Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Logo

Hey yall! Camp on Dude 08 is revvin' up after a year's hiatus. Since then, as most of you know, I bought a small A-frame pop-up trailer. It's made by Chalet RV which is located in Albany. It's quite cute and easy to haul. Anyhoo, the trailer has some kind of cult-like following akin to VW Bugs. So, I thought, hey, maybe I could design a t-shirt, logo, etc. that would interest folks. So, I connected with my buddy, John Knox, to design the logo. The final product can be seen in the title of this blog. Check out the following link for some stuff I put together as apparel items with the logo on it:


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Theme Song for Camp On Dude '06

Listen to the theme song of Camp On Dude '06 without all the extra talking and stuff, just pure unadulterated blue grass from This song is not for distribution, but only for the private use of us Camp On Dude folk. So, Don't get me into trouble, okay? The music comes from and is entitled, "Corn Liquor."

Listen to the Theme Song for Camp On Dude '06

Episode #04 - "In Dinty Moore We Trust"

Guests: Carolyn Hochanadel, Ann, and Marianne. Discussion topics: Waver Runner, Sophie in heat, More on Meals, Weather, Fishing Licenses, Kathy's Dinner Revealed, T-Shirts, New Trailer.

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Listen to Episode #04: 'In Dinty Moore We Trust'

Monday, July 10, 2006

Episode #03 - "Stretch It"

We just don't learn! Guests: Jerry & Helene Cotter, Tony & Joe Hochanadel, and Marianne Holtzinger. Discussion topics: "Stretch It," a new trailer, the Spork Award, listener mail, Steubenville, mashed potatoes, new domain (actual cost: $20), andother awards.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Episode #02 - "The Rig"

Maybe it was a bad idea, but we did another episode!
Guests: Megan Blythe, Evelyn Blythe, Marianne Holtzinger, and Ann Blythe.
Discussion opics: Satelite dish disaster, "The Rig," clean rooms, Food list, and more.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Episode #01 - "The Crapper"

Bill, Greg, Marianne, and Ann all join in for a curious conversation.
Motor home toilets, spaghetti, dogs, foiled wedding shower plans, and other food plans.

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